International exchange of knowledge

International exchange of knowledge

At our production plant and logistics center in Wroclaw we conducted internships for two employees from our subsidiary in Ukraine.

Internal improvement of the competence of our employees within the framework of international teams allows us to build a global, stable position and positively affects the development of local activities in various regions of the world. To spread a culture among employees which promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience, we cultivate and support all ventures which encourage direct cooperation, team learning and process sharing.

Time well spent

Recently, two employees from our Ukrainian company - Warehouse and Packing Shed Managers - undertook a week-long internship at the logistics center and production plant in Wroclaw.  “The internship programme is very flexible and we modified the elements of the processes to address the specific learning needs of our colleagues from Ukraine,” says Lukasz Cholody, Manager of the Warehousing and Internal Logistics Department in Wroclaw. “By participating in our daily work and team meetings, and through our adjusting the programme to match their needs in detail, they were able to become better acquainted with the processes of production, storage and packaging.”  The strong commitment of the team in Wroclaw enabled our colleagues from Ukraine to gain a thorough understanding of the various stages of operation including admissions, picking and shipping warehouse, arranging production, quality control, and complaints.

Success breeds locally

Besides the integration of the team and an opportunity for the free exchange of suggestions and opinions, the internship helped to better understand the mutual needs between the two companies – the plant in Wrocław and our distribution subsidiary in Lviv. We are convinced that the continued reduction of barriers to international cooperation should be a guideline in our daily work.

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