Increasing the reach of our Employees Ideas System

Increasing the reach of our Employees Ideas System

Fabryka Pil i Narzedzi WAPIENICA recently opened up the process of collecting and implementing employees’ ideas for improvements at the plant.

Listening to our staff suggestions for the improvement of current processes allows us to increase their involvement in the work of the organisation. At Rawlplug we try to get the most from this exchange of information through the Employees Ideas System. We want employees to feel responsible for the development of workplaces and have a real impact on their ergonomics and safety. These actions always benefit the entire organisation, because the inspiration for change and improvement comes from people who are close to our working processes every day.

Listening to employees at FPiN Wapienica

The production plant in Bielsko-Biala has over 95 years of tradition, consistently enjoying a reputation as a fair employer among the local community. Our employees’ needs are always our priority; they are crucial as we intensify our common involvement in creating the best possible place to work. Thanks to the ideas of employees and a systemized way of classifying them for implementation, we can efficiently improve the workplace and improve its tools and methods. We also want to put special emphasis on issues related to environmental protection and safety at work, in accordance with our policy of sustainable development.

A system which pays off

So far the Employees Ideas System implemented at the Wroclaw production plant has generated great interest amongst employees, resulting in almost 200 ideas submitted in the first year. We try to take care of the engagement team, organising additional thematic actions relating for example to environmental care. These themed initiatives allow us to raise awareness about the real impact anyone employed by Rawlplug can have on the workplace.

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