In 2015, we helped 116 people to gain their first professional experience

In 2015, we helped 116 people to gain their first professional experience

Supporting the professional development of students and graduates is one of Rawlplug’s key objectives as a socially responsible business. In 2015, we had the opportunity to collaborate with a total of 116 people in Poland and abroad. ‘We welcome the fact that compared to 2014 the number of participants in our educational programmes has increased by 10%,’ says Adrianna Chrobak, HR Director of the Rawlplug Group. ‘Young, ambitious people from many academic centres and schools throughout the country come to us. In 2015, we also offered similar placements in Portugal, South Africa and Scandinavia.’

First choice for production and logistics

Last year Rawlplug’s production areas in Wroclaw (Poland) and Łańcut (Poland) were the most popular among apprentices and trainees. There were also opportunities offered to improve professional skills in the HR, financial, administrative, and research and development departments. Apprentices and trainees spent a total of 586 weeks with us.  ‘It is a great honour for us that so many young people decide to take their first professional steps here,’ says Marta Michno, HR Specialist at Koelner Łańcucka Fabryka Śrub (part of the Rawlplug Group). ‘With us they can have an interesting and valuable experience, and gain practical knowledge of processes which until now they have known only in theory.

Organized for everyone

We do not forget about those who are keen to return to the labour market and need additional training. The educational programmes offered by Rawlplug allow all those taking part to become familiar with the work environment.  ‘Participants in our programmes really appreciate how we have designed them. They do not deal with boring, repetitious work; all of their time with us is spent on discovering the nature of their chosen occupation and on accomplishing their own independent tasks,’ says Anna Szulga, HR Specialist at Rawlplug. ‘They welcome the openness of our teaching and the patience of our professionals. They are aware of the responsibilities they have been given, so they feel that their work is important for the organization and they are valued as individuals.

More information about Rawlplug’s educational programmes can be found here: Educational programmes


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