Imagination rewarded - Wroclaw team in the finals of Destination Imagination

Imagination rewarded - Wroclaw team in the finals of Destination Imagination

Pupils from Public Junior High School No. 13 in Wroclaw won special awards at the international finals of the creative and educational programme in Knoxville, Tennessee.

At Rawlplug we are well aware that if a child catches a bug for a particular interest, this can lead to great achievements in the future, which is why we supported the ASIMO TEAM in attending the final of Destination Imagination in the United States. Students were invited to Knoxville, Tennessee, as the winners of XI National Creativity Olympiad 2016 in Wroclaw. The jury there appreciated the efficiency, energy and ingenuity of the team in the preparation of costumes, each of which brought a terrific response from the audience.

Creativity, cooperation, motivation

Destination Imagination is a programme to develop creativity and skills for the twenty-first century, such as divergent thinking, breaking down barriers, efficiently organising time and materials, as well as human resource management. Through participation in this programme, students can hone and develop their existing talents and improve their ability to learn new skills. ‘To achieve this, we had to create a very strong team and learn to cooperate with each other as extremely different people. Each of us has a different ability, but together we complement each other as we strive for perfection. This diversity helped us,’ says Gabriela Kiedos, leader of the ASIMO TEAM. ‘Always on hand throughout the challenges we faced was our teacher, Monika Kawarska-Puła. She instilled in us the spirit of the programme and continually motivates us to have fun.’

The fun of exploring the world

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