Harnessing community spirit to celebrate the legend of a Polish hero

Harnessing community spirit to celebrate the legend of a Polish hero

In May 2014, the secondary school no. 24 in Wrocław, Poland, hosted the second annual Gra Miejska z Pazurem (literally translated as Urban Games with a Claw).

Sharing the organiser’s belief that schools exist not only to educate but to uncover and nurture the unique characteristics and strengths of each and every pupil, Rawlplug wholeheartedly supports this event and contributes by funding the purchase of prizes for the event’s participants.

An initiative inspired by Kościuszki – a Polish hero

Now in its second year, the 2014 edition of the event sought to celebrate the life and achievements of the Polish national hero – Tadeusz Kościuszki. The event took place on the picturesque premises of The General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military Academy of Land Forces. In return for its hospitality, the military academy was granted honorary patron status.

Collaboration, not competition

Rather than compete directly against each other for prizes, students at the secondary school were tasked with organising a competition for ten teams of younger children from five local primary schools.

The competitions were based on geography and orientation, with participating teams needing to use all their wits and navigations skills to find the different stages of the competition. Stages included ecology-themed challenges, linguistic tasks, quizzes, as well as drama and role-play activities – a great blend of academic, creative and physical challenges, with plenty of opportunity for participants to showcase their invention and initiative.

Fun for young people of all ages

The event brought together children and young adults from a broad range of ages – the environment-focused section of the quiz was developed by students from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, secondary school pupils were responsible for the organisation of the event, and primary school pupils were the competition’s participants.

In addition to providing primary school pupils with the opportunity to hone their navigation skills and environmental awareness, the aim of the initiative was for the secondary school students was to develop key organisational skills, and also enhance their understanding of the value and responsibilities associated with contributing to the local community and being upstanding members of society.

How did Rawlplug support this event?

Rawlplug provided a range of prizes for winning teams and participants. This included t-shirts, headphones, sports and recreational equipment, watches and educational toys.


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