GLOBUS helps Make Children’s Dreams Come True

GLOBUS helps Make Children’s Dreams Come True

GLOBUS, a Rawlplug brand produced at the Wapienica factory in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, actively supports Spełnij Dziecięce Marzenia (Make Children’s Dreams Come True), an initiative aimed at rewarding creativity.

What is the Make Children’s Dreams Come True (Spełnij Dziecięce Marzenia) initiative?

The Make Children’s Dreams Come True initiative brings the furniture industry together with young people and gives them with the opportunity to release their creative energies. The initiative does this through competitions that are backed by key players on the furniture and tooling market. It’s about creating an outlet for creativity and then providing professional support to guide that creativity.

The most recent competition under the Make Children’s Dreams Come True banner is the konkurs Mebel Dziecięcych Marzeń, or, in English, the Children’s Dream Furniture competition. GLOBUS is a sponsor of this competition.

The Children’s Dream Furniture competition (Konkurs Mebel Dziecięcych Marzeń)

The Children’s Dream Furniture competition gives children the chance and freedom to design what is, in their minds, the perfect piece of furniture. The children work closely with young designers, whose task it then is to bring the children’s vision to life.

The 2014/2015 edition of the Dream Furniture (Mebel Marzeń) featured two stages:

Stage 1: In the first stage, children aged 3-14 from all over Poland were invited to submit their ideas for their dream furniture. Close to 500 projects were submitted at this stage.

Stage 2: The winning works from stage 1 then become the inspiration for students and graduates from design and furniture design disciplines. Their task is to bring the children’s visions to life by physically creating the furniture that has been imagined and captured on paper by the children.

The Dream Furniture competition is open to children of almost all ages and from right across Poland. Many of the designers involved in stage 2 represent the future of the furniture and interior design industry in Poland. What’s more, with backing from Rawlplug’s Globus brand – a leading manufacturer of tools – the competitions is able to benefit from extensive reach and access to leading promotional and media channels. In this way, the competition is high profile, broad in its appeal and encompassing of many of the industry’s key stakeholders.

Approximately 100 complete projects were submitted for evaluation at stage 2 of the competition.

How does the competition work?

The main objective of the competition is to reward children for their imagination and creative thinking by nominating selected ideas for realisation by aspiring and professional furniture designers.

The competition began in November 2014 and the second stage reached its conclusion on 16 January 2015.

Both stages of the competition were accessible to anybody that fell within the designated aged groups (i.e. ages 3-14 for stage 1 and over 18 for stage 2). In stage 2, student, professional and amateur designers and furniture makers were invited to apply to participate.

All works produced by the student, professional and amateur designers and furniture makers must be based on and/or be inspired by the selected winners of the first stage of the competition.

What are the prizes?

For children (stage 1): The ten children whose works were selected for realisation had the pleasure of seeing their ideas brought to life and also received a storage box from children’s furniture company Baggi Design.

For students, professionals and amateurs (stage 2): Ten winners were named at stage two, with each receiving:

- A 12-month commercial license for a CAD (computer-aided design) program, produced by TMSys, and worth approximately 1,000 EUR.

- A two-week internship (including accommodation) with a leading company in the furniture industry.  

The winners are listed below and the company providing them with the internship is featured alongside each person, in brackets.

-  Agnieszka Bielawska-Januszkiewicz - (FAMEG)

- Karolina Koryniowska - (SCHATTDECOR)

- Patrycja Polak - (IMS GROUP)

- Maciej Warot - (FAMEG)

- Sylwia Siekirka - (IMPRESS DECOR)

- Joanna Polenz - (IMS GROUP)

- Maria Lichota - (SCHATTDECOR)

- Monika Mrowiec - (INTERPRINT)

- Małgorzata Płoskońska - (IMPRESS DECOR)

- Patrycja_Stołtny - (INTERPRINT)

Where can the winning works be seen?  

The winning children’s ideas and their realisations are being put on display and are being featured at various design and furniture events in Poland.  

- Dobroteka, Dobrodzień, Oleska 35 – April 2015

- Festiwal Wnętrz (Interior Design Festival), Kraków, 13-14 June 2015

- Design Udomowiony, Wrocław, 18-30 June 2015

- Gdynia Design Days, 3-12 July 2015

- MTM Ostróda, 8-11 September 2015

- Warmia Mazury Design Festival, September 2015

- Łódź Design Festival, 8-18 October 2015

- Cieszyn Castle (to be confirmed)

- Poznan University of Life Sciences (to be confirmed)

Find out more

Check out the Mebel Marzeń (Dream Furniture) Facebook page (in Polish) and see how some of the children’s ideas have been brought to life.

Learn more about the Globus brand.


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