Future mechanics and CNC operators pay a visit to our production plant in Wroclaw

Future mechanics and CNC operators pay a visit to our production plant in Wroclaw

In recent years supporting students, technicians, and vocational schools in the decisions related to finding the right career path has allowed us to help guide and motivate them to make the best choice. We want to reach out to a wide range of students and graduates with information about the possibilities of career development at Rawlplug. We can thus facilitate the life choice made by these individuals and freely develop our staff of specialists, despite the current difficult and very competitive job market. In early December, we conducted a presentation of the production plant in Wroclaw to a group of 53 students from the Aviation Science Plant, studying to become specialist technicians, installers and operators.
A conscious choice of career
Rawlplug products and manufacturing processes attracted great interest from all visitors - students and teachers alike. Our employees made every effort to give the most interesting demonstrations and fully show the skills involved in every stage of production, its preparation, course, and the final effect. They were also able to answer questions about each process, the specifics of the work on the data positions, and employment opportunities. In two days, our factory in Wroclaw was visited by 22 future technicians and mechanics and by 31 future operators of cutters.
The first steps at Rawlplug
Enabling them to learn the production process from within is always a very effective way for us to encourage students to take on their first professional challenges during practical placements and internships in Rawlplug. After direct meetings with Rawlplug experts students are satisfied that the time spent on learning in our company will help them to polish their skills and give them the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Our educational programmes always attract large numbers of students and graduates - in 2015 they were attended by up to 116 people.

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