Final sessions of the competence development cycle within the Manager Academy

Final sessions of the competence development cycle within the Manager Academy

Two years of managerial training have benefited 42 Rawlplug executives from different companies and areas in Poland.

A two-day evaluation workshop at the Jugowice Palace completed the Manager Academy - a series of meetings attended by high and mid-level Polish managers. Participants had the opportunity to see practical management techniques in action. New skills have been developed and perfected during numerous dynamic workshops and lectures, multimedia presentations and discussions.

Our proposal for managers

The training programme for managers, which we conducted over 24 months, was divided into three rounds of ten meetings each:

 Round I

October 2014/
September 2015

High-level managers

14 people

 Round II

January 2015/
October 2015

Mid-level managers

14 people

 Round III

October 2015/
June 2016

Mid-level managers

15 people

The aim of the training programme was to develop the competence of our high and mid-level managers in terms of people management. In particular, we have focused on:

  • building authority among subordinates and team management
  • motivating and inspiring employees
  • interpersonal communication
  • achieving business goals
  • solving problems in the management process
  • managing situation changes
  • organising their own work
  • presentation and self-presentation

In the interests of good governance

Providing our employees with the conditions and the motivation to develop their competence is a key aspect of our commitment to engage in socially responsible activities - one of Rawlplug’s four pillars of sustainable development. We strive to provide them not only to continue the successful growth of the organisation, but also to create a friendly, popular place to work. Shaping managerial competence is particularly important for us because it directly affects the performance of teams, creating a culture of teamwork and guaranteeing the achievement of common goals. For more information about the activities undertaken by us in this regard, see the Professional Development page of our website.


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