Classes using Rawlplug products at School Complex No. 4 in Olkusz

Classes using Rawlplug products at School Complex No. 4 in Olkusz

As part of an initiative at School Complex No.4 in Olkusz, Rawlplug has been involved in the retrofitting of workshop classrooms where practical building lessons take place. Rawlplug products are used during drywall workshops, enabling students to develop their knowledge of modern fastening solutions. 

School No.4 in Olkusz is a small district education centre which specialises in the construction, hairdressing, hospitality, food and craft professions. The centre runs vocational construction courses in building, masonry, and plastering for technicians and fitters. The provision of adequate school workshop facilities enables students to quickly and effectively master each material discussed in class. Throughout the course students acquire skills in selected professional specialisations. The ongoing development of their competence is monitored and supervised by eight vocational education teachers. These teachers strive to pass on their broad industry knowledge, which will be indispensable to the students in their future careers.

Developing future professionals

The school is supplied with a whole range of products from the Rawlplug offer. This means students are able to use our fixings throughout the year, helping them to continually develop their knowhow in assembling many different solutions. Rawlplug products are invaluable during practical classes dealing with the installation and use of drywall. The students in Olkusz are always eager to take part in any initiative which will further develop their professional skills. They have a proven track record, having achieved victory in "My profession, my fantasy", a regional competition which the students won for creating the best performed piece of wall lining with ceramic tiles.

The development in perspective

Supporting young people in preparation for their first steps into construction careers is very important to us. We believe a modern and wide ranging school education is a priority value. This is why Rawlplug helps teachers and teaching institutions in a number of different ways. More information about our educational programmes can be found at: Educationals Programms.


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