Children’s University students visit Rawlplug, gain valuable work and project experience

Children’s University students visit Rawlplug, gain valuable work and project experience

For three weekends in March 2015, Rawlplug in Wrocław, Poland, played host to more than 100 children from the Children’s University as part of an educational programme for young people in the area.

What is the Children’s University (Uniwersytet Dzieci)?

The Children’s University is a non-profit organisation, which as been providing educational programmes for children aged 6-14 since 2007. The programmes are delivered in a way that resembles the university style of teaching, e.g. lectures and workshops. The University works in close collaboration with leading academic institutions and businesses to:

“… to foster children's natural curiosity and develop their interests beyond school education and enable them to follow their passions and understand the principles that rule the world so that they can learn to act independently.”

Why does Rawlplug work with the Children’s University?

As part of our pursuit of sustainability, Rawlplug is an active supporter of Uniwersystet Dzieci (Children’s University). Rawlplug works together with local branches of ABB, 3M and PPG to support the University and, in doing so, boost the education opportunities available to young people in the area. In this way, Rawlplug and other partner companies are contributing to the standard of education in the region and also improving the quality of the labour force for the future.

In addition, and given the focus on sustainability within Rawlplug’s operations, such activities help Rawlplug to instil a sense of awareness about sustainability. In doing so, we firmly believe that we are contributing to the development of a future workforce that recognises the importance of sustainable business operations and is able to act accordingly.

How does Rawlplug support the Children’s University?

The programme, developed by Rawlplug’s Wrocław operations in partnership with the University, is intended for children aged 9-11. The programme seeks to teach children about how Rawlplug’s logistics division operates and includes both theory- and practice-based exercises.

In addition to providing the children with a sample of life in the working world, Rawlplug’s module seeks to awaken a passion in logistics and teamwork. The module also promotes the development of the competencies needed to get by in the real world, conscious thinking and the understanding of how several individual processes work together to deliver the services that many of us today take for granted.

Over the course of three weekends, participating children completed two modules:

Warehouse processes. Students were given a tour of the warehouse and shown all of the key processes, including the latest in warehouse automation and a presentation of work on forklift trucks.

Order completion and goods preparation. This practical exercise engaged children to process and realise fictional orders. An area of the warehouse was cordoned off and specially prepared to facilitate this exercise while ensuring that regular warehouse operations remained unaffected.

What are Rawlplug’s plans for future collaboration with the Children’s University?

The most recent collaboration has been focused on the area of logistics. In the future, courses will be offered by the production divisions of the company, thereby enabling students to develop an understanding of the bigger picture.

A leader’s view

Rawlplug’s work with the Children’s University is an important part of our pursuit and promotion of sustainable business practices, as confirmed by Rawlplug’s Director of Logistics, Wojciech Krysiak:

“Our involvement with the Children’s University is both incredibly fun for us and valuable for children and Rawlplug as a company. Our work with the University allows us to awaken children’s interest in logistics and enables them to see what life in the working world looks like. Importantly, it enables us to impart the importance of sustainability and efficiency at the workplace. This is essential – in the future, sustainability won’t be a luxury that companies can decide to pursue or not. In our view, sustainability will be vital to the successful operation of any business. By instilling an understanding of this at a young age, we are contributing positive to the development of a responsible and conscientious workforce and society.”

The view from the University

“The Children’s University prides itself on being able to offer children unique educational opportunities. Working with Rawlplug in Wrocław, we are able to offer children from the local area the chance to develop an interest in logistics at a globally recognised company. The three-weekend course organised by the logistics department at Rawlplug helps children bridge the gap between the theory they learn at school and the working lives that adults experience.  And thanks to Rawlplug having set aside a designated area of the warehouse, it really felt like a real working environment for the children. The children were delighted and visibly enthused by the experience and we look forward to many more projects with Rawlplug in the future.

Joanna Zielińska, Coordinator at the Children’s University

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