Children's ideas for furniture aided by GLOBUS

Children's ideas for furniture aided by GLOBUS

The GLOBUS brand once again provided support for "Furniture from Dreams 2016", a unique initiative organized by the publishing house

The Furniture from Dreams competition is an inspiring event for the participants, companies and industry organizations who collaborate on each edition. Everything begins in the minds of children. The first stage of fun is to invent your own piece of furniture as a piece of artwork. The most interesting projects then go to design students, graduates, and young designers who create visualisations of authentic furniture, inspired by the children's drawings. The winners of each stage are rewarded by the organisers - younger children receive a gift, and the older students are given internships at companies in the furniture industry. Their work finally goes into the "Trend Book" - a unique publication from publishing which presents current trends in interior design in Poland.

Special Award of the GLOBUS brand

In this year's third edition of the contest, GLOBUS - a brand in our portfolio - awarded special honours to a project designed by Aleksandra Gajzler inspired by "Curiosity world" drawn by Iga Tomczyk from Lublin. Aleksandra Gajzler is a graduate of Interior Design at Eugeniusz Geppert’s Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and an assistant in the Design Studio of Multimedia Interior Design. In 2016, during the final competition gala at the Faculty of Wood Technology at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan, you could see the winning entries in the thumbnails printed in 3D.

Developing children's imagination

Initiatives organized for young people receive special attention from Rawlplug. We support organizations and activities which allow children to better explore the world, so that they can develop their individual talents and improve their knowledge on many different levels. More information about our activities in this area can be found in the education of children and youth section of the website.


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