Building relationships between business and science - Innovation Incubators

Building relationships between business and science - Innovation Incubators

Can cooperation between universities and companies succeed, and bring mutual benefits? We tried to answer this and many other questions during a panel discussion at the inaugural Innovation Incubators event, which provides a platform for the exchange of experience between Wroclaw's universities and innovative companies. As an organisation which invests a great deal in innovative solutions and focuses on the exchange of experience and on cooperation with higher education, we were invited to co-create Innovation Incubators. 

To meet innovation

In Poland, there is a belief in certain economic and mental obstacles between science and business, which has a negative impact on any cooperation between the two. This issue was one of the main topics of conversation among professionals during the opening meeting of the Innovation Incubators event. Using our own experience and listening to the opinions of everyone gathered, we were able to describe and discuss what we all saw as the main barriers which stand in the way of fruitful cooperation between the two environments: a hermetic seal, intricate financing, inadequate communication, lack of grassroots initiatives. The meeting was accompanied by interesting demonstrations of student research, where they were able to present their innovative projects. These included, among others: an autonomous electric motorcycle, an intelligent combat helmet, and an ultra-light sports car.

Trust and innovation

Innovation is what our business was founded on and it has always had a strong influence on the direction of the organisation. Participation in actions which support the promotion of innovation allows us to realise the promise of future development and success for ourselves and our business partners. Learn more about the position of innovation in our organisational model.


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