A Rawlplug Summer Holiday in Bobolin

A Rawlplug Summer Holiday in Bobolin

As the summer draws to a close, Rawlplug and many of its employees can reflect fondly on a great holiday spent in the Polish coastal town of Bobolin.

Rawlpluggers on holiday

Throughout June, July and August, 45 Rawlplug employees travelled to Bobolin with their families for their summer vacations. Funded by Rawlplug’s Social Fund (ZFŚS), employees were able to make complimentary use of accommodation at one of the town’s most-popular holiday resorts. During a nine-week period, over 200 people benefited from this great opportunity to recharge their batteries and enjoy some family fun on the Baltic coast.

Rawlplug’s commitment to rest and recuperation

Rawlplug rented five wooden houses at the MAKS resort in Bobolin. Each house was equipped with all modern conveniences and arrangements were made to ensure all guests had access to beach accessories (loungers, blankets, umbrellas and windbreakers) and sporting equipment (e.g. bikes). In addition to this, children were freely able to access a trampoline, bouncy castle, play area and communal bikes. What’s more, all guests were able to choose from one of a selection of additional activities, ranging from a boat trip out onto the Baltic Sea or free admission to the waterpark in nearby Darłowa. As a company that places great emphasis on promoting an active lifestyle, everything about the arrangements made by Rawlplug was intended to promote an active, outdoor experience to be shared with family and colleagues alike.

Rawlplug community spirit on show

Safe in the knowledge that their children and other family members were occupied and active in a safe (monitored) and welcoming environment, Rawlplug employees demonstrated their community spirit by regularly organising communal evening barbecues. In this way, the holiday environment and shared experiences created a perfect opportunity for professional acquaintanceships to turn into personal friendships.

Rawlplug employees were also keen to express their gratitude to their hosts, the owners of the MAKS resort, for making their experience so unforgettable. They were thankful for the hosts’ attentiveness and willingness to help with matters big and small. For these hardworking employees, the opportunity to relax in such comfortable surroundings and with such attentive hosts was appreciated by and all.

The value of refreshed energised employees to Rawlplug

At Rawlplug, we believe that a happy and rested employee is a productive and motivated employee. More importantly, though, we believe that holidays are vital to the wellbeing and health of our employees and their families. By looking after our employees, we are looking after the future of our company and making a positive contribution to the community. Our employees work hard for the vast majority of the year. It’s thanks to these efforts that our company is able to grow and prosper. By funding holiday accommodation for Rawlplug employees and their families, we are saying a big ‘thank you’ for their efforts and we’re acting to look after the wellbeing of both employees and their families. We look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come.


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