Sustainability Report 

We are totally committed to sustainable development and the need to work towards a sustainable future. We believe that developing a Sustainable Rawlplug today is the key to safeguarding Rawlplug’s continued success in the future.

Our 2016 report details our ideas on sustainability as it relates to the entire Rawlplug business operation. It catalogues our many achievements and outlines our targets and long-term plans for the future.

The purpose of the report

The sustainability report is an opportunity to define and describe in detail the values we have chosen to base our future development on. It allows stakeholders, business partners, and clients to get an overall picture of how we approach the future of the company, and how we combine sustainability with a commercial business strategy.

The report has been compiled to illustrate the most important steps that our company has taken to ensure a sustainable future. The pages show our successes that deserve the exposure both because of the tremendous work of teams involved in their achievement and their relevance for our business.

The structure of the report

The report has been designed to provide an overall view of Rawlplug’s business operations as they relate to sustainability. Whilst we begin with broad information about the company and its mission and vision, we are then able to drill down into each aspect of our framework of sustainability and go into greater detail about our environmental and social actionsWe are also able to discuss the value we place on our employees and their wellbeing and the efforts we will go to in order to maintain and improve their lives and careers.

Achieving sustainability is a constant and ongoing project. We are dedicated to continuing its scope within Rawlplug and we measure this by setting ourselves further goals to achieve.  

The future of sustainability at Rawlplug

We have numerous plans in place to continue our sustainable development. As a market leader with a history of innovation we feel it is our duty to be at the head of the charge into the future. Our responsibilities are clear: we must protect the environment by successfully managing and reducing resources expended, contribute to the development and the quality of life of the communities we are a part of, look after our own people, and contribute to the development of our industry.

In its most basic form, sustainability is about providing for the future by living responsibly now. In theory, something sustainable should be able to continue indefinitely. Rawlplug is devoted to achieving these ideals and we hope that the 2016 Sustainability Report illustrates our progress. 


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