Rawlplug operates in a market that is evolving rapidly. Our clients around the world need to know that Rawlplug is evolving in line with market trends and that they can count on us to develop and deliver the solutions they need – now and in the future. Because of this, the Rawlplug organisation must be configured in a way that gives us the agility we need to respond quickly and proactively to market trends and client needs. Our project-focused operating model enables us to achieve this.

Why use a project-focused operating model?

At Rawlplug, our project-focused operating model enables us to rapidly adapt to evolving market conditions. We are able to do this because we treat the components that make up change as individual projects. As a result, by progressing on and completing individual projects, we are able to make incremental changes and improvements to the way we do business, without having to wait for a whole organisation to catch up. In this way, we are able to develop and deliver products and solutions as and when our clients need them. This approach also enables us to innovate, move quickly and reduce the time required to take new solutions and products to market.

The project-focused approach we have adopted for our operations also enables us to benefit from greater cross-department collaboration and means that each project benefits from a variety of different skillsets, viewpoints and opinions. Not only does this benefit each project, but it also prevents the ‘silo-isation’ that typically plagues large multinational organisations. This approach also facilitates greater networking, knowledge sharing and opportunities to benefit from peer-to-peer mentoring for the individuals working on a given project.

Project management methodology and tools

Projects at Rawlplug are managed according to recognised international project management standards and methodologies.

To support this way of working across the different departments, divisions and subsidiaries at Rawlplug, we have established a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO). The Rawlplug PMO serves to ensure that projects are run effectively, and that they have all of the resources needed to proceed and succeed. Practically speaking, the PMO provides guidance to project teams and makes tools, applications and learning materials available to project team members.

An example of this is the introduction and roll out of a dedicated project management application across the entire organisation. The application is available in all languages spoken across our international organisation and enables employees to collaborate effectively together regardless of location, language or time zone.

In addition to facilitating collaboration on projects, this tool also serves as a knowledge repository. As an organisation that seeks to embrace and encourage transparency and collaboration, large parts of this knowledge management repository are open to business partners, distributors, clients and any other key stakeholders that could benefit from access to this knowledge. 

For Rawlplug, the value of this project-focused approach is felt long after the conclusion of each individual project. The knowledge amassed and documented on each project and the lessons learned are fed into each subsequent new project. This enables us to continuously improve the way we work and serve our clients.

Project focus for Rawlplug strategy 2013-2018

Rawlplug has set forth a strategy for the period 2013-2018. To support the company in fulfilling the various objectives of this strategy, a plan has been put in place for the creation of around 200 projects, each of which is aligned to a specific area of the company’s overarching strategy.

To effectively manage this portfolio of projects, each one has been categorised according to how it contributes to the fulfilment of our strategy and the improvement of Rawlplug’s performance. The categories are:

  • Strategic
  • Operational
  • Functional

Up to the end of 2015, 194 projects were completed (18 strategic, 53 operational, 123 functional). Of these, 68 projects comprehensively fulfilled our strategic requirements for our sustanability credentials.

Currently around 50 projects are being worked on. Over 200 people from across the entire Rawlplug group are currently involved. The progress and completion of each project will again be verified according to its contribution to the company’s overall performance and also its sustainability credentials.


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