Rawlplug is growing. To support this growth and to make sure it continues, we must satisfy our customers’ needs today, and we must anticipate the needs they will have tomorrow. We must do all of this in a way that is sustainable - both economically and environmentally. To give ourselves the best possible chance of continuing our upward trajectory, we continually and meticulously analyse every aspect of our operations. We do this by commissioning internal audits.

Why conduct internal audits?

Internal audits at Rawlplug are essential to ensuring the business is managed properly. These audits enable us to monitor and ensure that all applicable processes are being followed, that the company is fulfilling its legislative and regulatory compliance requirements, and that the different areas of the company are performing as expected.

These internal audits also provide us with insight into what is happening in each department and at each level of the business. By understanding the different departments and functions, we are better able to influence and improve how the business as a whole performs.

When plotting the future course and strategy for the company, audits are vital in helping to answer questions such as:

  • Where are we today and how are we performing?
  • What currently works and should be used as an example elsewhere in the business?
  • What could be improved?
  • What should the future direction of the company be?

By understanding the answers to these questions and using this high-quality input, we are able to optimise and perfect our operations.

Who conducts internal audits at Rawlplug?

Audits at Rawlplug are conducted by a team of 37 fully qualified internal auditors. These auditors have completed rigorous and extensive training in the field of auditing and, where relevant, also specific training in audit specialisation areas. Audit exercises are often divided into several sections and among multiple individuals. This ensures that overall findings are objective and represent the opinions and assessments of several experts.

What are we looking for?

Audits conducted at Rawlplug and its subsidiaries are focused on evaluating:

  • The quality of our processes
  • Our relationship with the natural environment
  • Fulfilment of all legal and regulatory compliance requirements
  • The effectiveness of our management systems and structure
  • The safety of our operations

How frequently are internal audits conducted?

The schedule for audits is agreed at the start of each calendar year. In keeping with the commitments set out in our Quality Management System (QMS) Rawlplug conducted over 50 internal audits in 2013, 92 in 2014 and 142 internal audits in 2015. These were in-depth audits of almost all areas and covered all of the main functions operated by the group, namely: HR, production, sales and retail operations, research and development, logistics and procurement.  For 2016, a total of 112 audits have been planned.


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