We are passionate in our belief that financial success need not come at the expense of our commitment to social good and the communities and natural environments that we inhabit. To this end, we have identified and formalised the ethics and values that will guide Rawlplug to a sustainable future.  

The importance of ethics at Rawlplug

The quality of our products, the safety of our workplace, the wellbeing of our employees and environmental responsibility are all core to our vision of a sustainable Rawlplug. We seek to engage our key stakeholders to understand how best to work together to achieve these goals. By working together with our stakeholders, and with these goals in mind, we are able to deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to our clients and maintain a sustainable position as leader of the markets we operate in.

The principles that guide Rawlplug

Rawlplug strives to be fair and reliable in its dealings with its employees, clients, distributers and other stakeholders. In addition to being respectful of and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations relating to rights and safety, we seek to be recognised in the market as a company that is trustworthy, open and steadfast in its commitment to quality and integrity.

Formalising our values (The Rawlplug Code of Ethics)

For an international company with a variety of divisions and subsidiary companies, it is important to formalise the ethics and values that govern the way we work. To this end, Rawlplug has published its own Code of Ethics.

This document contains the guiding principles that are followed by Rawlplug employees and divisions all around the world. Thanks to the formalisation and publication of this code, we are able to share it with stakeholders and encourage them to adopt our values. By approaching the market with these shared values and principles, we represent a united, compelling proposition to our clients and present ourselves as a company that places as much emphasis on its values as it does on profit.

The Rawlplug Code of Ethics is freely available to anybody interested in learning more about the way Rawlplug works.

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