Our relationships with our stakeholders have been built on clear and transparent communication, a reliable flow of trustworthy information and a commitment to engaging in healthy dialogue.

Who are Rawlplug’s stakeholders?

The illustration below provides information about Rawlplug’s key stakeholders.


Communication with shareholders

Rawlplug organises periodic meetings with key shareholder groups and institutions. These provide opportunities for shareholders to learn more about how the business is performing, understand what to expect in the short- and long-term future, and also participate in key strategic decisions.

With individual shareholders, we communicate via traditional and digital media. In addition, as part of our aim of achieving transparency and open communications, we make all reports and important information available on the Investor Relations section of our corporate website.

Visit the  Investor Relations page. 

Awards and distinctions


Rawlplug SA (RWL) was officially listed in the eighth edition of the RESPECT Index - the index of socially responsible companies recognized by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).

The RESPECT Index is a Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) initiative which began in 2009 and is the first index in Central Eastern Europe that specifically recognises and identifies companies with strong CSR credentials. Recognition in the form of listing on the RESPECT Index is a highly prestigious achievement – at the time of our inclusion on the Index (December 2014), Rawlplug was one of just 24 companies listed and joined some of the most illustrious and well-known companies operating in Poland.

Rawlplug’s inclusion on the RESPECT Index is testament to our desire for sustainability and corporate responsibility principles to be evident and alive in every aspect of our organisation. Listing on the RESPECT Index is important because it considers almost every aspect of the way we do business – from operations on the production floor and the way we look after people, all the way through to the way we report our financial results and interact with investors. It is also important because it shows investors that our sustainability and corporate responsibility credentials are real and have been verified by an external body.

For more information on Rawlplug’s listing on the RESPECT Index, see the entries archive.


During the London Build 2015 construction exhibition, which is the largest event in the construction industry for London and southern England, Rawlplug was nominated for the London Sustainability Award.

Rawlplug’s involvement in the London Sustainability Award demonstrates that it stands out amongst its competitors as a company which believes that the social responsibility of business needs to have positive, practical and measurable results.

The London Construction Awards celebrate the finest achievements in construction in the London area. Identifying those who are industry leaders in quality, innovation and service, the awards are a snapshot of how the industry is moving forwards, developing and embracing new ideas and responsibilities.  

See more details about the nomination.

Communication with clients

We use a variety of communication channels to forge stronger relationships with our clients and distributors.

Despite our growing presence and the onset of the digital age, we believe that face-to-face, person-to-person contact is still the best way of doing business. We organise events and use industry trade fairs and shows to take our products directly to the people whose opinions we value most – our clients. This brings us closer to our target audience and helps us to understand their needs. Clients, on the other hand, are able to benefit from the opportunity to see firsthand what we are doing to help them address their challenges.

We pride ourselves on orienting and configuring our operations around the needs of our customers. To this end, our sales representatives, customer support specialists and technical experts play key roles in helping us to build enduring relationships with our clients – from the moment first contact is made, through to product demonstrations, purchase, installation and after-sales support. We are proud of our customer-centric approach to communication and our track record of building healthy, mutually beneficial dialogue with our community of clients.

Transparency and access to information

As a stock-listed company, Rawlplug is bound and committed to providing its shareholders with clear and transparent access to information related to financial performance. This information takes the form of periodic (quarterly, half-yearly and annual) reports, all of which are compiled and published in compliance with applicable stock-market requirements for such documents.

Reporting to industry analysts and the media

We regularly organise conferences for industry analysts and the media to announce quarterly, half-yearly and annual results. Such events are typically attended by senior figures from Rawlplug’s management board, and provide an opportunity for analysts and the press to gain greater insight into the results being announced, to learn about key developments and also to find out about any key strategic decisions that have been taken or objectives that have been set. These events are typically supplemented by the official publication of figures, reports and accompanying press releases.

Management meetings

Meetings for key internal stakeholders (the management board, including heads of the different subsidiaries and regional divisions) are held regularly. Such meetings are used to report back on recent developments across the group, and to learn how each of our subsidiaries is performing. These meetings also serve as the platform on which key strategic decisions are made.

Given the size and global footprint of the Rawlplug organisation, management meetings serve as the vital first stage of a communication cascade. Managers and key senior figures attend such meetings and it is then their duty to cascade relevant information back through their respective organisations. By doing this effectively, we are able to align the company to one single vision. This communication cascade also enables us to secure the engagement and ‘buy in’ of employees. This is important, as by better understanding the strategic vision of the company, employees are more motivated and better able to contribute to the fulfilment of strategic objectives.

In the age of globalisation and multi-national corporations, this vision of the aligned, informed organisation is one that is dear to our heart and central to the creation of a sustainable Rawlplug.



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