In December 2011, the Management Board of Rawlplug took the strategic decision to take a new direction with the visual identity of the Rawlplug brand. This new direction entailed the optimisation and unification of product packaging, based around the use of new cardboard packaging and self-adhesive labels.

The main intentions of this initiative were to:

  • Limit the quantity and volume of packaging and labels produced and used.
  • Reduce the volume of stock and the value of packaging and labels held in storage.
  • Optimise cash flow by reducing capital commitments to suppliers and enabling greater flexibility.
  • Ensure consistency of type, size and production of packaging and labels, thereby enabling the development of more effective and efficient packaging, pallet loading, warehousing and logistics solutions.
  • Enhance the visual identity and brand for Koelner and Rawlplug.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of packaging across its entire lifecycle – from design and production, although the way through to display and disposal.

Packaging Design

Find out about the environmentally friendly design and production principles that Rawlplug has implemented.


Packaging Operations

Discover how Rawlplug has extended sustainability principles to the procurement, warehousing and transport of product packaging.



Learn how Rawlplug built its own label-printing capability to reduce the environmental impact and cost of its product labelling operations.



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