As an innovative company that seeks to positively contribute to the communities it inhabits, Rawlplug places great emphasis on its relationship with the natural environment. ISO 14001 certification provides us with a recognised framework to formalise our environmentally focused practices and enables us to benchmark them against industry best practices.

Rawlplug’s duty to the environment

As a leading European producer of fastening components and tools for the construction industry, we understand that our operations and the products we manufacture will have an impact on the natural environment. We are dependent on natural raw materials for the production of our products and the products we manufacture are used in constructions that will potentially change the landscape of the environment in which they are deployed. Due to the breadth and far-reaching nature of this influence, it is important that we recognise our duty to the environment and act accordingly.

At Rawlplug, our goal of supplying our clients with best-in-class, innovative products is expertly dovetailed with a deep-rooted desire to reduce our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. ISO 14001 certification enables us to do this within a formalised framework that is recognised by stakeholders, business partners and clients alike.

Self-evaluation of environmental impact

As a company that is inspired not only by profit, but also by social and environmental good, for years we at Rawlplug have endeavoured to understand and analyse our impact on the environment. And while compliance with legal requirements has always been a necessary first priority, our intention has always been to go beyond legal or regulatory compliance, and to truly understand and improve our relationship with our natural surroundings.

Our analysis of the way we use raw materials and of the emissions we generate has delivered significant benefits – both in reducing our environmental impact and in identifying areas where we can improve further. This enhanced understanding is supporting us in our ongoing ambition to achieve an optimal balance of production efficiency and environmental responsibility. By working towards this ambition, we are ensuring both continued competitiveness on the market and the development of strong sustainability credentials.

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

As part of our efforts to achieve the ambition of an optimal balance between production efficiency and environmental responsibility, Rawlplug has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS). Implemented in accordance with ISO 14001 standards, Rawlplug’s Environmental Management System provides a formal, standardised system through which we can improve the efficiency with which we use raw materials, reduce the volume of waste generated and operate with greater energy efficiency.

Environmental responsibility through employee education

Certifications and technical improvements in our processes can dramatically reduce the environmental impact of our operations. However, it is people that make the biggest difference. At Rawlplug, we have implemented an organisation-wide Environmental Policy aimed at educating employees in how they can help Rawlplug achieve its environmental goals. Through this, we identify key areas where employees can make a difference and we raise general awareness around the importance of improving Rawlplug’s relationship with its natural surroundings. This education is not delivered exclusively from a business-first perspective, but instead seeks to highlight the holistic importance of looking after the environment for us, our families and for many generations to come.  In this way, Rawlplug is helping to nurture a generation of environmentally responsible members of society.


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