As a company renowned for its heritage of innovation, Rawlplug is devoted to continually researching and developing ways to reduce our impact on the natural environment. We focus on a variety of areas, including, processes, people, education and collaboration.

Raw material lifecycle

As a company that produces huge volumes of products, we recognise the need to be respectful in our use of the planet’s raw materials. We also recognise our duty to deal with waste in the most environmentally efficient way possible.

Throughout and after the production process, we consider the selective collection, responsible storage and appropriate processing of waste materials to be of great importance. By ‘processing’ we mean that we recycle any and all materials that can be recycled, often feeding the output back into our production process. We repurpose or make available for repurpose any waste materials that can be used elsewhere. And in those instances when disposal is the only viable option, we ensure that waste materials are disposed of responsibly and professionally.

Reducing demand for raw materials

A core principle of our production activities is the rationalisation of our usage of raw materials. We analyse all options available and factor environmental impact into our considerations at every stage. Where raw natural materials are deemed to be the most suitable option, we seek to restrict their use to the absolute minimum. We also seek to limit our use of harmful substances to an absolute minimum. We do all of this to reduce our impact on the natural environment, to protect the health of our employees and to optimally position Rawlplug as a sustainable company capable of being successful in a future where environmental responsibility and sustainability will be intrinsically linked to competitiveness.  

Employee education

Our policies around selective waste collection are only as effective as the education that accompanies them. At Rawlplug, employees are key to our efforts to manage waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

To support our people in their efforts, we run employee educational programmes and, to ensure their effectiveness, such programmes are typically followed by audits to monitor progress and performance.  These educational programmes empower employees to deal with waste safely and responsibly. Since 2013, over 725 employees have benefitted from these programmes.

We also have a team of internal specialists dedicated to identifying and classifying the different types of waste being produced, and determining how best to process them.

All of these activities across Rawlplug are supported and guided by our Environment, Health and Safety department (EHS), which is based at our company headquarters in Wrocław, Poland.

Collaboration with experts

Rawlplug works only with recognised and accredited specialists in the field of waste management, recycling and disposal. As a market leader, we recognise our responsibilities to the environment and our status as a role-model company. This is reflected by our approach to managing waste generated in the production process and the way we deal with electrical equipment and components that have reached the end of their useful life. 


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