As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce resource consumption and our impact on the natural environment, Rawlplug has set forth its vision of the paperless office. To help us realise this vision, we have implemented a variety of initiatives aimed at reducing – and ultimately eliminating – the dependence on paper in our offices.


Rawlplug has implemented measures to monitor and limit the volume of print jobs processed by the company’s office printers. Practically speaking, these measures deliver a dramatic decrease in the volume of paper and toner used. At the same time, the existence of such policies plants a seed in the mind of computer users and encourages greater personal accountability and a think-first approach to office printing.

Wherever possible, environmentally responsible print options, such as double-sided printing, are set as default settings on printers throughout Rawlplug offices.

Electronic document management

Rawlplug seeks to use electronic document management practices across all aspects of the company’s operations. We have developed a universally accessible portal to enable all employees within the company to manager their documents electronically.

From an environmental perspective, this naturally results in a reduction in paper and toner consumed. From a business perspective, such practices help keep offices free from clutter, ensure version control on documents and enable easier sharing of documents between colleagues and departments. What’s more, electronic document management enables improved control over documents and how they are shared, which helps to minimise the risk of ‘rogue’ sharing or the leaking of sensitive information outside the company.

Paperless business processes

Right across our international organisation, Rawlplug is re-engineering business processes to remove reliance on paper.

Clients and suppliers.

We have implemented e-invoicing, online ordering platforms and online customer service forms. This has shortened process completion times, improved accuracy and reduced the incidence of lost or misplaced forms.

Human Resources (HR).

Holiday booking forms, expense claims, periodic appraisals and management-by-objective (MBO) initiatives are all managed and processed electronically, resulting in an enhanced user experience, improved transparency and better availability of key information for stakeholders.

Marketing and customer service.

We are increasingly taking a ‘digital-first’ approach with product catalogues and supporting technical documentation and certifications. For example, our European Technical Assessment (ETA), Declaration of Performance (DoP) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) documents are all now exported into digital formats ‘as standard’.


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