The Modeco MTB Team was established by Rawlplug employees at the beginning of 2015 as part of the Modeco Challenge. It is a wonderful example of the power of sport, connecting people regardless of their abilities, characters or ambitions.

Meet the Modeco MTB Team

The Modeco MTB Team consists of fourteen amateurs, for whom mountain biking is not only a way to spend their free time, but also a passion. As a result, the team caters for everyone - from those who are just starting their adventure with MTB to more experienced riders. Team members are united by a passion for fun and a desire to test themselves in the fiercely competitive world of mountain biking. The team is a perfect illustration of how professional relationships and sporting spirit can work hand in hand, connected in this case by a shared love of mountain biking.



The Modeco MTB Team has had an extremely busy 2015. The team took part in competition for the first time on April 18th, with the beginning of the Bike Marathon series. During the season they also had opportunity to race in additional events in Poland, the Czech Republic and France.

 Summary of the Modeco MTB Team’s best results in 2015:

Last season the Modeco MTB Team fared best during the June event in Jelenia Góra - taking 27th place out of 77 classified teams in the ‘OPEN’ category. At the end of the season a summary of the results of all Bike Marathon races in the ’OPEN’ category put the team in an impressive 49th place out of 159 registered teams. In the ’SPORT’ category the team was ranked 55th out of 119 teams. The best result in the individual classification came from Bartek Sokół, who finished the season in 5th place in his age category at the Mini distance. Apart from the results of the Bike Marathon, special mention should be given to Eric Visentin, who claimed 829th place out of the 2,000 competing cyclists in the prestigious Roc d'Azur race in France.


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