Since 2011, Rawlplug has sponsored the Modeco Football Team – a team made up of employees and their friends, and named after one of Rawlplug’s subsidiary divisions and well-known brands, Modeco.

Early days

The Modeco Football Team was formed back in 2009 by a group of Rawlplug employees and their friends. The addition of sponsorship from Rawlplug in 2011, and with it the provision of funding, equipment and support, has helped the team go from strength to strength – improving its league position, adding new members, and capturing the hearts and support of an ever-growing fan base along the way.



Since its formation, the Modeco Football Team has developed a reputation for its attacking and attractive style of football. This attacking nature has helped the team to achieve a number of victories and impressive successes in amateur leagues.

Consistently positive results enabled the team to finish their first playing season in fourth position, with a win-rate of around 75%. After only two seasons the Modeco Football Team won the RED BOX First Division playoffs, thereby securing a place in the RED BOX Premier League. Incredibly, the team almost won the championship in its first full season in the top flight, ultimately securing a second-place finish.

The team did not have to wait long for its first taste of success in the top league, securing the championship just one season later and earning the title of Champions of the Spring League 2011. In fact, 2011 proved to be an incredibly successful year, with the team carrying its outdoor form into the indoor Wroclaw Open Championships and taking its first indoor title.  

In 2014 the team joined to the Śląsk Wrocław PRO League. In each of the four seasons since then they have won a place on the podium. The team has also successfully battled great opposition in the League Cup, where they have twice outclassed all rivals, winning in 2014 and 2015. The team also placed third in The Indoor Christmas Tournament.

The Modeco Football Team’s experience and effectiveness is clearly shown by their record of success in the Śląsk Wrocław PRO League. The team is currently the only one at their level which has managed to keep a place on the podium in the last few seasons. It is worth noting that the Slask Wroclaw PRO League is the most prestigious and largest amateur league in Wroclaw, involving more than 60 teams.


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