Inspired by the Modeco brand (a division of Rawlplug) and its devoted following, Modeco Challenge has been created to reward loyal customers, encourage knowledge sharing among stakeholders, enable members to benefit from promotions, and most importantly, to promote a healthy lifestyle through sport and create a platform for professional interests to live and work in harmony with personal passion. Built around four core pillars – Rewards, Knowledge Sharing, Benefits and Community – the Modeco Challenge programme has something for everyone.


Modeco Challenge rewards its members for their loyalty and preference by awarding points for purchases of selected products. These points can be converted into attractive rewards, including:

Modeco Travel

Imagine being rewarded for your purchases with a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. Those with sufficient points can exchange them for one of a choice of unforgettable trips. Options include an adventure to the savannahs of Kenya, a luxurious break on the Canary Islands, or, for sports fans, a memorable trip to one of the main European capitals of football.

Modeco Relax

All that hard work building and fixings things can leave us tired and in need of pampering. Modeco Challenge members can cash in their hard-earned points for cinema tickets or relaxing weekends at selected spas.

Modeco Gift

Sometimes there’s no better way to reward loyalty than with a gift. Modeco Challenge offers members the chance to exchange their points for selected products, all of which are intended to complement an active lifestyle. The range of products on offer includes sports and fitness equipment and apparel, electronics and travel accessories.


Knowledge Sharing

We at Rawlplug are passionate about the tools and construction products we make. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than meeting our clients, distributors and business partners in an environment where we can share tips and gain feedback on our products from the people that matter most… end users.

Modeco Show

What better way to bring us closer to our clients and users than setting up special get-togethers? Modeco Show events provide an opportunity for users and clients to meet our experts, learn more about the latest products and techniques, and benefit from attractive special offers. We regularly organise Modeco Show events for groups of individual end users, distributors and onsite with our clients. The Modeco Show initiative caters to clients from all across Poland and has been attended by over 200 of our key clients from the trade sector.

Modeco Truck

Modeco goes mobile. The Modeco Truck visits customer ‘hot spots’ and the premises of some of our biggest clients to ensure expertise and product support is at hand whenever and wherever our clients and end users need it most.


Modeco Academy

Across our divisions, new products are being developed all the time. Through the Modeco Academy, we ensure our people, our distributors and also end users are aware of the latest developments, tools, products and knowledge of how to use them. To date, we have trained 18 trainers internally and we plan to continue developing their skill sets and expanding their influence in the company. Our goal is to have a Modeco Academy sales representative wherever there’s a client with a question and these trainers will help us to achieve this.



Modeco Challenge members can enjoy a variety of exclusive perks and benefits, including members-only special offers and advance notification of upcoming events, promotions and new products.

12 Pokus (12 Temptations)

The 12 Pokus (12 temptations) component of Modeco Challenge provides members with the chance to experience and enjoy products from some of the world’s leading DIY, gardening and construction brands at discounted prices. Rawlplug shares the same passion for high-quality products as our distributors and clients. It is this shared appreciation and passion that has led us to carefully select 12 brands that, we believe, offer our clients an unrivalled DIY, gardening or home-improvement experience. These brands are: Modeco Expert, Modeco Home, Modeco Garden, Rawlplug, Globus, DeWALT, Black&Decker, Stanley, Milwaukee, AEG, Nilfisk and Rapid.


Modeco Challenge members regularly receive complimentary literature. Typically delivered in the form of magazines, catalogues and special-edition publications, this literature enables members to stay abreast of the latest developments in DIY, home improvement, gardening and construction. Members are also notified in advance of special or exclusive offers and promotions.


As part of Modeco Challenge we organise a variety of events and initiatives aimed at bringing members together – physically or virtually – and providing them with a platform to share their professional and personal experiences and passions.


Rawlplug believes that an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. From exercise, to nutrition and motivation, Modeco Fit provides fact-based advice and information on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  What’s more, through the RUN and BIKE components of the Modeco Challenge, members have the chance to square off against each other and Rawlplug employees in sporting competitions hosted virtually on the Endomondo platform.



The ultimate goal of Modeco Challenge is to improve the satisfaction experienced by our clients, distributors and business partners. By providing a high-quality community programme, we create the conditions for better collaboration. Better collaboration means better business relationships and better results. If we can achieve all of this and combine it with an active lifestyle, then we have realised the vision of Modeco Satisfaction.


Many big brands pay high-profile athletes to be the faces of their projects. Not Rawlplug. At Rawlplug, we sponsor the people that use our tools. Through Modeco Sponsor and sports community technology such as Endomondo, Modeco Challenge members can pursue personal fitness goals and take part in some friendly sports rivalry in the process – regardless of their respective locations.

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