It’s what many describe as the unobtainable “work-life balance”. At Rawlplug, we believe that not only is combining professional work and personal passion possible, but that it is essential to the wellbeing of Rawlplug employees and the health of Rawlplug as a sustainable, successful international organisation. Rawlplug funds, organises and continually develops a variety of special initiatives aimed at helping employees, business partners and customers achieve their perfect balance between professional and personal interests.

Modeco Challenge 

An exciting project that brings Rawlplug enthusiasts, distributors and business partners together as part a community of like-minded, passionate individuals.


Modeco Football Team

By sponsoring this amateur football team we give Rawlplug employees and associates the chance to fulfil their sporting ambitions.


Modeco MTB Team

Biking team which is a wonderful example of the power of sport, connecting people regardless of their abilities, characters or ambitions.



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