Our people are our future. By looking after our people, and providing a rich variety of professional development opportunities, we are safeguarding both the present and future of Rawlplug, and are creating an atmosphere that encourages consistently high performance by both the company and its people.  


People and competency development

At Rawlplug, we are dedicated to the ongoing development of our people and their competencies. As a company operating in a competitive global market, it is important that we understand our strengths, while also being aware of those areas where we can strengthen further.

 Our policy of people and competency development enables us to:

  • Understand where we are strong and where we need to improve
  • Capitalise on our strengths and strengthen further
  • Address any weaknesses identified
  • Ensure appropriate focus on core and strategically important competencies
  • Formulate and implement development plans.

By periodically evaluating our people and their competency profiles, we are able to identify and develop the skills that make our company successful. What’s more, we are able to identify and nurture the key ‘talent’ within our company – the future leaders of Rawlplug.

Management by objectives (MBO)

Every employee at Rawlplug has an opportunity to contribute to the company’s success. Responsibility for implementing the Rawlplug corporate strategy is shared across the company, and success is achieved through efficient task delegation and management by objectives (MBO). Many employees have formal monthly, quarterly or yearly objectives, and successful fulfilment of these objectives is typically rewarded in the form of a financial bonus.

These financial incentives and the pride associated with elevated responsibility motivate Rawlplug employees to ensure that the company’s strategic objectives are consistently and successfully realised.

Project Management Office (PMO)

In a constantly changing business environment, companies and their people must be able to adapt quickly and professionally if they are to survive – and thrive – in the future.

Change management is vital to this process, and we at Rawlplug believe that change management should be underpinned by a robust, project-focused approach. To support this, Rawlplug has established a Project Management Office (PMO) to monitor the quality of project management within the company and to foster the improvement of project management skills. Rawlplug’s Project Management Office does this by providing employees with access to high-quality training, tools and processes, as well as valuable support as and when they need it.

The Project Management Office and the approach it encourages has helped to foster the development of an international, multi-discipline culture within Rawlplug. This has delivered several benefits, namely:

Greater productivity

Employees use proven methodologies to build their own project plans and roadmaps. By doing so, they are better able to plan their projects, identifying potential roadblocks and setting milestones along the way. These proven methodologies empower employees to successfully manage projects from start to finish.

Improved quality

By bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, we create the ideal breeding ground for the development of innovative, high-quality solutions. Our experience in this area tells us that working in this way and blending insight from a variety of domains dramatically improves the likelihood of a project being delivered successfully.

Enhanced collaboration

Collaboration is key to the success of any project. In many instances, Rawlplug employees are challenged to take on tasks for the first time in their careers. Working together with people from other domains on such tasks encourages individuals to communicate and collaborate effectively as a team. This highly motivating, inspiring experience broadens employee horizons and fosters accelerated development of skills and competencies.

Higher levels of employee satisfaction

Rawlplug people are ambitious people. The challenge of complex, multi-discipline projects encourages us to test ourselves and extend our competency levels and skill sets. While this demands that we regularly step out of our comfort zones, the feeling that accompanies the successful completion of each project means that employee satisfaction is greatly enhanced.


Training and skills development

We run a variety of development activities for our employees. These activities are typically delivered in the form of training courses and classroom-based learning and are intended to improve the skillsets and qualifications of our people and the performance of Rawlplug as a company.


As a company that produces a wide variety of technical products, Rawlplug regularly runs product-support training courses and courses aimed at improving the level of customer service provided by our sales and customers support professionals.

 In addition, we run development activities aimed at improving the knowledge, skillsets and performance of our employees. To date, these development activities have taken the following form:

  • Broadening and improving technical knowledge so that employees can perform their duties more effectively
  • Training in the soft skills necessary to enhance the way teams are managed and motivated
  • Teaching formal techniques aimed at perfecting the management of production processes. Such techniques include: Lean Manufacturing, 5S and Kaizen.

Language skills development

Rawlplug is an international company and promotes an international atmosphere in the workplace. To support this and to empower our people to succeed at an international level, we provide foreign language lessons to our employees. At present, we are providing language classes – either individual or group-based – to over 90 employees.


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