Wellbeing is about more than just job security and a fulfilling career, which is why we go to extraordinary lengths to support our employees – and their families – in their pursuits of personal happiness.

A tradition of caring

Looking after our employees and their families is deeply engrained in our corporate culture. Krystyna Koelner, founder of Koelner Group (today part of the Rawlplug Group), has fostered and encouraged this culture from day one.

The presence of a smile on every child’s face has always been important to us, and this is evident in the way we endeavour to attend to the needs of our employees and their children. And while we help families of all social statuses and backgrounds, we do place special emphasis on supporting those most in need, such as multi-child families and families containing children with disabilities or unique needs. 

Youth activities and sponsorship

The tradition of caring for Rawlplug employees and their families is expressed in several ways. We regularly organise holidays and trips for the children of Rawlplug employees. And because we care about the local community and its constituents, we always include children from local orphanages and homes for children.

This support is provided both to individuals and large groups. As examples, we provide financial support for life-enriching individual trips, such as sport camps, while also funding get-away trips to the Baltic coast for around fifty employees and their families every year.

And for the youngest members of the Rawlplug extended family, some additional festive cheer is provided in the form of special Christmas packages from Santa.


Financial support

At Rawlplug, we do everything we can to look after our employees at work. Outside of work, however, we understand that there are life events and occurrences that will inevitably place strain on our employees. Serious illness in the family or damage to personal possessions and property caused by natural disaster or extreme conditions are facts of life. For those adversely affected, Rawlplug regularly provides financial support or interest-free loans to help families make it through difficult times and get back on their feet.

Health and wellbeing

Good health contributes to happiness, and good health is easier to achieve with an active lifestyle.  

At Rawlplug, we are passionate about ensuring our people have everything they need to enjoy good health. To support the pursuit of an active lifestyle, we provide subsidised access to leisure and sports activities and facilities.

But we know that just being active isn’t always enough. That’s why we also provide subsidised access to private healthcare for our employees and their families. And in preparation for the cold winter months, we offer all our employees free access to flu vaccinations.

Attending to unique needs

For our employees with physical limitations or disabilities, we organise physiotherapy sessions and courses of treatment, we buy or fund the purchase of physiotherapy equipment, medical supplies, hearing aids, wheelchairs, prosthetics and much more. But we know that achieving a satisfying quality of life involves more than just equipment and supplies. Our support extends all the way to our employees’ homes, and we have funded and organised the adaptation – and in some cases, the comprehensive renovation – of many homes.


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