The communities that we inhabit comprise our employees, our partners and our clients. They often also include groups or individuals that are less fortunate than others. We understand that, as an influential company operating on a global scale, we have a duty to lead by example and provide support to those who need it most – whether that be on our doorstop as part of local outreach efforts or on the other side of the world as part of our global CSR agenda. At Rawlplug, we are active in supporting charitable institutions, local authorities, schools, cultural institutions, the arts, and public safety initiatives.

Children and young people

For many years now, the driver behind our contribution to good causes has been Krystyna Koelner. As the founder of Koelner (today, part of Rawlplug), Krystyna has never let the dynamic growth of the company distract her from her true passion – working to improve the opportunities and wellbeing of children and young people. As the company has grown and evolved, this passion to improve the wellbeing of local youth has become one of the defining characteristics of Rawlplug – not just as a profit-driven business, but also as an integral member of the community.

Our efforts are channelled towards providing support to orphanages, institutes that care for children suffering from serious illness, children’s hospitals and foundations dedicated to helping children in need.

But it’s not just about helping to alleviate suffering – our goal is to give children and young people opportunities that empower them to take control of, and improve, their lives. We do this by working together with schools and vocational education institutions, by encouraging students to understand and make the most of the opportunities they have today, and by promoting awareness of mankind’s responsibility to care for and preserve the environment we inhabit.

The organisations we support

The Organisation for the Friends of Children

This organisation is dedicated to caring for the wellbeing of children and ensuring that underprivileged children benefit from the same rights, opportunities and protection from domestic violence and persecution as other children in society. Rawlplug has been providing financial support to this organisation for over fifteen years. (available in Polish only)

Children’s home, Wroclaw

Rawlplug’s long-standing support for this children’s home includes funding for children to attend summer camps, presents from Santa Claus and educational support at the start of each school year. For young people over the age of eighteen, we provide employment opportunities during holiday periods and, in doing so, help young adults take their first steps in the professional world.

Supporting families in the community

We provide material and financial support to families that need support in caring for their children. At present, we are providing support for fifteen children and their families.

“Just in time” programme by the Children’s Foundation

is a programme dedicated to caring for seriously ill children. For over fifteen years, Rawlplug has been financing the treatment of, on average, five children suffering from brain damage.


We regularly donate to the Polish branch of this international charity for children.

Helping those in need around the world

Our responsibilities go beyond the local communities we inhabit. As an international company, Rawlplug recognises its duty to offer its support to those most in need, wherever they may be. Examples include:

  • In 2003, we provided aid to the people of Sudan
  • In 2008, we provided direct support to those affected by natural disaster in Bangladesh
  • In 2009, we provided aid to the needy of Egypt
  • In 2010, we arranged for a child suffering from leukaemia to be transported from his home in Bulgaria to Germany, where we arranged for him to receive specialist medical attention
  • In 2012, working together with Caritas, we provided support to a school in India
  • In 2013, we provided aid to those affected by typhoon Haiyan (often referred to as typhoon Yolanda) in the Philippines
  • In 2013, we contributed significant support to Rawlplug employees' family members who were affected by the conflicts in Syria.


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