At Rawlplug, we don’t simply evaluate ‘finished product’ university graduates and young professionals; our approach is to establish mutually beneficial, rewarding relationships with bright, intelligent university students and school pupils from the broad range of academic institutions that we work with.

The qualities we look for

Regardless of educational background or preferred academic subjects, we seek to establish relationships with creative, open-minded people. These bright young individuals are our future employees, clients and business partners. Their skills, insight, opinions and ability to absorb knowledge and amass experience will be influential in shaping the future of the market and our company.

For this reason, Rawlplug’s approach to internships is based on establishing and building relationships early in the academic experience. To facilitate this, we have developed long-standing relationships with a variety of academic institutions in the local community.

Opportunities for students - internships

The Rawlplug approach to internships ensures that we are able to nourish the company with highly talented individuals while gaining a better understanding of trends and developments on the labour market. At the same time, in today’s competitive – and often daunting – environment, Rawlplug provides young people with a secure footing and the preparation they need to successfully make the jump from the academic world to professional life.

Since 2011, Rawlplug has helped over 300 students take important steps in their professional careers. In 2015, Rawlplug provided internships and work experience placements to 116 people.

We regularly run the following types of internship:

Unpaid internship-style work experience placements

These are arranged either by Rawlplug independently or as part of an arrangement through a higher-education institution. During these arrangements, which typically last 1-3 months, selected individuals take an active part in real-life projects and processes in one of Rawlplug’s divisions – either within production-related activities or supporting functions.

Paid internships organised in partnership with polytechnic institutions or colleges

These programmes are intended to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit among students by inviting them to “pitch” or present their candidacy in the hope of securing work experience – or even a paid position – with Rawlplug.

Paid internships, partially financed using EU funds

These internships provide a structured programme for students that enables them to put their academic skills into professional practice, thereby preparing them for a professional career, be it at Rawlplug or elsewhere. For Rawlplug, this provides an opportunity to observe and identify the characteristics of the future workforce, and then use this insight to further develop the level and nature of support we provide to our employees.

Paid internships organised with local departments of labour and unemployment

These internships provide a helping hand to those seeking to get back into the workforce and present them with an opportunity to learn new, relevant skills and gain valuable work experience.

Opportunities for students – expert guidance

For students looking to benefit from some expert guidance as they near the end of their studies and prepare themselves for the start of their careers, Rawlplug offers the following types of support:

Thesis and dissertation support

At Rawlplug, we welcome opportunities to support students with their theses or dissertations by providing access to a real-life professional environment and innovative products that are the result of years of research and development.


At Rawlplug, we provide opportunities for students to take advantage of mentoring. Participating Rawlplug employees are leaders in their respective fields, which means students are able to benefit from truly expert guidance. This has obvious benefits for students while, for Rawlplug, these mentoring arrangements furnish our experts with the opportunity to interact with ambitious young individuals, and to benefit from their unique perspective.

Workshops and presentations

We regularly attend, host and organise workshops and presentations with the aim of imparting industry and product knowledge on young people and students. We do this to raise awareness of the Rawlplug brand, encourage interest in our products and to promote the image of our company as a desirable place to work.


Learning opportunities for youngsters


Rawlplug’s positive contributions to the local community through education go well beyond university-level internships and work experience placements. We are active at institutions such as the Wroclaw branch of Uniwersytet Dzieci (Children’s University), which is attended by children aged 6-12. Led by Rawlplug experts, such as our Technical Director of Products, we provide school children with the opportunity to learn more about Rawlplug’s production processes and even submit their own designs for products of the future.

The 2015/2016 academic year will see eleven children of our employees given the opportunity to participate in many interesting and inspiring lectures and workshops at the Children’s University Unikids. Scientists and science enthusiasts will be sharing their passions with them and each meeting will offer a unique opportunity to get to know the world. Most importantly, it will awaken in them a curiosity to explore and a desire to learn not just during school lessons.

In this way, Rawlplug exposes children to positive new experiences and gives them the opportunity to discover new interests and passions. These practical learning experiences are crucial in helping children understand the link between their academic experiences and the world beyond school. What’s more, such experiences also help them to start developing the fundamentals of logical and critical thinking, industrial design, and, importantly, a practical understanding of how these skills can be applied in real-world, day-to-day situations.

Support for mature ‘students’

Our activities are not focused exclusively on the young. At Rawlplug we actively support the unemployed in their efforts to return to work and help to ensure that knowledge is shared throughout the community. We do this through:

Our activities are not focused exclusively on the young. At Rawlplug we actively support the unemployed in their efforts to return to work and help to ensure that knowledge is shared throughout the community and is available to mature professionals seeking to refresh their skills and qualifications. We do this through:

Presence at career and work fairs

We are present at a variety of career and work fairs targeted at people of all ages. At such events, we discuss opportunities with potential candidates and provide them with information and advice so that they can prepare effectively for future recruitment processes.

Workshops for teachers

Organised with the help of EU funding, we have organised courses for 9 teachers at vocational schools so that they could bring their knowledge up to date, learn about the latest production processes and practices, and then take the lessons learned back to the pupils at their day jobs.


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