By contributing to the success of our corporate clients, end-user customers, business partners and distributors, we can be confident of our own prosperous, sustainable future and can be sure of our positive contribution to the wider economy.

Technical support and training

We provide a variety of technical training courses for our partners and clients. These training courses are intended for individuals and companies involved in industrial design and construction, as well as distributors of specialised construction products. These training sessions – held either at Rawlplug’s facilities or at client locations – help raise awareness of the Rawlplug brand and attributes of its products, while also boosting overall product knowledge and expertise in the industry.

Support for key stakeholders

During our presence at key industry events, Rawlplug experts regularly run sessions aimed at providing technical support and guidance to a wide and diverse range of stakeholders across the construction and real-estate industries. Given the broad reach of Rawlplug products, we provide technical and practical support to property developers, academic institutions, property investors, architects and construction engineers, housing committees, property managers, tradesmen, craftsmen and private individuals. 

Industry-specific conferences, seminars and workshops

Rawlplug is present and active at a variety of conferences, seminars and workshops related to different aspects of the construction industry. These events are organised by renowned academic institutions, professional bodies and experts from within the industry, and provide an opportunity for Rawlplug to add real value to the industry and contribute to its ongoing development.


Membership of professional organisations

Rawlplug is involved in the activities of local organisations which bring together experts and scientists from many industries related to our business. We can thus participate in the development of local markets and consciously adapt our business operations to current conditions.

The aim of these associations is to represent the interests of companies working in all industries. They help shape and develop industries and protect the activities of all affiliated members. It is worth mentioning that Rawlplug representatives often sit on the boards of key industry associations - representing our point of view and having a real influence on related environments.

Supporting professional organisations allows us to anticipate future development opportunities for Rawlplug and to maintain its stable position in the marketplace.




United Kingdom






Czech Republic

  • Česká Asociace Ocelových Konstrukcí (CAOK)– an organisation of entities operating in the metal, building, and construction sectors, and companies specializing in the maintenance, installation and software development in these sectors.



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