About Rawlplug

Rawlplug is a leading designer, producer and distributor of innovative fastening, fixing and mounting solutions for the construction industry as well as tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. Our portfolio of products includes mechanical fasteners, threaded products (rods, studs, bolts, etc.), bonded anchors, drills, circular saws, manual tools and power tools.

Rawlplug brands and subsidiaries

Rawlplug – the brand, the company and its subsidiaries – has a rich heritage of delivering innovative, best-practice solutions to construction companies, architects, real-estate developers and end users alike. When these customers choose Rawlplug products and solutions, they do so knowing that they will benefit from the experience and expertise that our rich portfolio of market-leading brands offers.


Renowned and recognised around the world, the Rawlplug brand represents a heritage of innovation and a wealth of intellectual property that has been developed throughout the course of almost a century of designing and developing mechanical fastening devices for heavy and light industry. Today, Rawlplug is the undisputed leader on the British fixing and fastenings market.

Koelner Łańcucka Fabryka Śrub (Koelner Łańcucka Screw Factory)

Through half a century of manufacturing threaded fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) Koelner has established a reputation as a reliable and innovative partner for businesses and end users alike. Today, the brand and its products are trusted by generations of tradesmen, constructors and DIY specialists around the world.


This German subsidiary has over 35 years’ experience producing bonded anchors. Recognised as a leading innovator on the market, STAHL is the trusted choice of companies all around the world.

Rawlplug SA (ealier Koelner SA)

The Koelner brand is present and highly visible across Central and Eastern Europe and is renowned for its market-leading light- and heavy-industry mechanical fastening attachments (including pins for roof and facade fastenings). The brand carries with it a 20-year rich history and track record of innovation and reliability.

Koelner Polska

Koelner Polska is one of Poland’s leading distributors of manual, mechanical and power tools. For over 20 years now, Koelner has been helping Polish business and end users get their hands on tools that help them achieve their professional and personal objectives faster and more effectively.

Our mission and vision

Across our many brands and subsidiaries, our mission is simple and clear

To provide high-quality products that help our clients work more effectively. This ambition is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to innovation that courses through every department and every process – from product research and development, through to distribution process, waste management, distribution, customer service, end-user installation and everything in between.

Our vision for Rawlplug and its subsidiaries is to continue to strengthen our organisation and our portfolio of brands. We aspire to the position of market leader and believe that central to fulfilling this aspiration is to develop and produce products that make our customers’ lives better. By improving the lives of our customers, we firmly believe that they will recommend and remain loyal to the Rawlplug brand.

While we have achieved significant success in Europe, we can still do more to strengthen our position – both in those markets where we are already present and also in high-potential emerging markets. All of the Rawlplug brands are aligned to a single vision of producing high-quality products that bring benefits to as many people as possible.  By successfully making this vision a reality, we are confident that Rawlplug will be successful in achieving its strategic ambitions.

Rawlplug values

Rawlplug is guided by a core set of values and principles. These values guide us in the way we do business with our clients, distributors and business partners, and they also guide us in the way Rawlplug employees work together with each other. The Rawlplug values are:


With passion, we can achieve perfection. Our business and the market landscape will continue to evolve, but as long as we are passionate about what we do and how we do it, we can be confident in our ability to deliver products and solutions that help our clients, and help strengthen our brand and market position.


We believe in the value of collaboration – both internally (between employees, departments and subsidiaries) and also externally with our clients, end users, distributors and business partners. When we collaborate effectively, we bring our shared visions and goals closer to reality.


We work hard to foster a professional, inspiring environment for our people. Rawlplug employees are experts in their respective fields. By fostering a professional approach to work, career development and wellbeing, our people are better able to focus on their core tasks and the strategic goals of the company.


In order to achieve our strategic goals, we need to be effective; effective in our own operations and processes, and also in understanding what our clients and end users need to be more effective in their tasks. Our commitment to effectiveness and minimising waste drives every business process and every interaction inside and outside the company.

Customer Centricity

As an organisation, Rawlplug is configured to have customers at the heart of its operations. Our customers are at the forefront of our mind when we develop every new product or seek to improve our operations and business processes.


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